New Advances in HIV Treatment

Advances in HIV treatment occur all the time. Research and scientific studies continue to prolong the lives of those infected and drive down the onset of AIDS, the disease that results from HIV infection. However, government agencies and medical practitioners highlight prevention as the main tool in combating the disease.

Extent of the HIV Epidemic

According to the CDC and as reported on optinghealth magazine, it is too early to declare a victory in the war against HIV and AIDS. While exposure rates have declined considerably since the onset of the epidemic, the levels of infection are still higher than most terminal diseases. Of particular concern are areas with poor medical conditions or a lack of reliable information about the disease. Africa, by far, has been the hardest hit region of the world, making advances in HIV treatment all the more important for the survival of the continent.

Early Advances in HIV Treatment

During the early days of the HIV epidemic, advances in treatment were slow. Anyone exposed to the disease was nearly guaranteed to die within a short period of time, often less than a couple years. However, beginning in the late 1980s, antiretroviral drugs were approved by the FDA. Over the next decades, advances continued, as did the methodology of administering the drugs. Today, most patients who suffer from HIV can receive a combination of drugs that extends their lives considerably.

Combination Therapy

A report from ScienceDaily identified a treatment method in which scientists were able to neutralize the HIV virus. Using a method called “combination therapy,” researchers were able to prevent HIV from spreading in a patient’s immune system. Research continues on this option. One day, scientists hope this will provide a cure for not only HIV, but also other viral diseases.

Goals of HIV Treatment

According to the National Institutes of Health, the main goal in the advancement of HIV treatment is to improve the lives of those afflicted with the disease. While many researchers search for a cure, the main emphasis is on treatment. Since there has only been limited success in curing people with viruses in general, researchers believe that extending a person’s life is generally more important.

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis and Vertical Transmission Prevention

Most of the modern advances in HIV treatment involve better ways to administer drugs already known to provide relief from the effects of the virus. Among these techniques include post-exposure prophylaxis and vertical transmission research. Post-exposure prophylaxis must be conducted within 72 hours of exposure to be the most effective and continues for four weeks. Preventing vertical transmission, also known as mother-to-child transmission, is also a hot-button issue in the HIV research community. By making breakthroughs on this front, scientists hope to confront much of the problems associated with children born with the virus.

Vivica Fox’s Plastic Surgery Procedures Keep Her Looking Good at Over 50

Vivica Fox is an actress who was born on July 30, 1964 to a school administrator dad and pharmaceutical technician mom. The Golden West College graduate was part of the TV drama series Days of Our Lives. She became more popular when she landed a role in the movies Set It Off and Independence Day. Like other celebrities, Fox also went under the knife although she admitted to only having breast implants and Botox. However, Vivica Fox’s plastic surgery procedures might be more than that if you compare her before and after photos, although she looked good.

Vivica Fox looked fresh and hot when she was in her early years of acting. Several years later, she still looked hot with the help of plastic surgery.

The actress admitted to having breast implants, which are obvious on these images. She had bigger and fuller boobs after the surgery.

Fox is still looking young and flawless with her wrinkle-free skin and that’s because of the help of Botox, which she also admitted of getting.

Nose job was something that Vivica Fox didn’t admit to. However, the picture on the right shows that her nose was a bit pointed on the tip and had thinner bridge.

Her lips also looked different from her old images, suggesting that she might have had lip fillers or collagen injections.

The good thing is that her lips still looked great, unlike others who seem to have swollen lips that do not look natural after surgery.

Even her face looked naturally smooth and flawless. Botox must have been administered the right way, as her face didn’t end up looking stiff.

Now 54, the Kill Bill actress is still looking as gorgeous as ever and she doesn’t have problems striking a pose like when she was younger.

In 2016, she became part of the film Independence Day: Resurgence. She also played the role of Candice in the TV series Empire.

The TV-host and producer is also part of the several movies that are set to be released this 2017, including Garlic & Gunpowder and Crossbreed.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant – A Very Publicized Pregnancy

The Kardashians gained fame, thanks to their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We have seen the kids grow up from their common looks to who they are now, particularly Kim Kardashian. Kim K transformed from your ordinary girl to a true socialite on her own. We have seen her change from a young teenage girl to a full-time mother of two Kanye West kids – Saint and North West. Of course, being a reality TV star, we have a great view of Kim Kardashian pregnant and enjoying being a celebrity.

Being a model, Kim will always goes out with style and a baby bump will not stop her from looking gorgeous.

Having problems with your outfit due to pregnancy? Count out Kim K there because she can flaunt the bulging bump anytime, anywhere.

Pregnancy causes women to undergo body changes and Kim K’s changes are very drastic and defined, don’t you think? Just look at the picture.

And who can wear a one-piece clothing and still be capable of flaunting the growing baby bump? It will be Kim K at the top of that category.

A socialite and businesswoman  turned reality TV star – that’s how to describe Kim K nowadays and her baby bumps went along with her.

Only Kim K can pull off this all-white dress and still be proud of that growing tummy and of course, those curves.

On the beach and sun bathing? This is how Kim K usually spends summer vacation and being pregnant cannot stop her of course.

As her due date nears, Kim K stills enjoy the time under the sun wearing skimpy bikini. Well, she’s not your average pregnant woman.

Kim K can still channel that model appearance despite the bulging of her tummy. We think she is having a great time with her pregnancy.

Who says that you cannot wear sexy dress if you are pregnant? Don’t ever tell that to Kim K because she can wear whatever she desires, just look at this photo.


Truth be told – there are many people who started their love affair with nutritional yeast a long time ago. Should this be surprising? It is found on a bowl of popcorn. There is an obvious reason for it. That is for sure. Some started in state of denial, saying that the addiction is nothing serious. This can be linked with the nuttiness that not a lot of people can actually resist. This pulls everyone back as for most people’s case. This is why at some point, it will be useful enough to learn about the various established nutritional yeast nutrition facts. This may shed some light.

There is a couple of benefits being linked to nutritional yeast. This is actually where the fondness came from. Yes it comes with its cousin known as the baker’s or brewer’s yeast. The yeast has definitely grown in the beet sugar. This is considered to be an inactive yeast. This is always incorporated with nutritional arsenal for the system. This was challenge by many active yeasts as well.

nutritional-yeast.jpg (1200×773)

Another related to the aforementioned is the hippie dust. This is considered to be a nutritional dynamo. Basically, this also features a ton of benefits. This is usually being sprinkled to many food. It may be cheesy and the flavor is also the best. What is another addition to its magic anyway?

The Benefits

The yeast may be a great source and origin of Vitamin B-12. This is very much essential in the nutrients seen in the entire body. This would even involve red blood cells production. This in turn will be the key towards the production and maintenance of myelin. This may also be a protective insulation. This will work for your nerves among others. As a great source of Vitamin B-12, it has been animal based. It plays a major role in the wellbeing of many vegetarians and vegans out there.

Aside from the aforementioned, the yeast also comes with a high amount of protein. This goes with almost 2 tablespoons of dust. This may come with protein in 9 grams though. This is more than one cup of it actually. This is suitable for people who go for workouts. This is a good source for them to maximize and ponder upon.

Being rich in fiber is also one advantage to expect. This will also do wonders to the body. Functional digestion is about to be realized this way. This is also ideal for the health. This is going to regulate the blood. This is one of the reasons why sustainable energy may happen. This may be observed during the day and it may be higher during that of night. In a tiny serving of this nutritional yeast, it may give off 3 grams of fiber already. That is promising, right?

What is even good is the fact that the said component is gluten free. This is why it is not only meant for most vegans out there. This also comes with power as it may provide power for the easing of inflammation.

Turkey Bacon Nutrition Facts – Which is healthier

Who does not like bacon? Who can resist it? The obsession about this is no going near end, this si for sure. Today, bacon can be stumbled upon almost anywhere. While it is true that it may vary in form and wrapping, it is still the same fattening meat that people cannot just get rid of. Gone were the days when it was only a food for breakfast. It was really more than that now. It cannot be denied. If you are one of these individuals who share the same fascination, it would be a good idea for you to learn about various Turkey Bacon nutrition facts.

godshalls_uncured.png (1500×864)

There are so many individuals who are wondering about the real difference of a center-cut bacon from that of the other. Prior to munching up, the idea is to make sure that you research about all things bacon. This is vital.

Center cut VS regular bacon – which is which?

Here is thing, according to Dr. Janeal Yancey, center-cut and regular bacon should not be confused for the simple reason that the center-cut is not in any way containing the standards which were set by that of the USDA. Needless to say, these center-cut bellies come with their fatty portions. This starts from the top of it down to the bottom removed. There is a common notion that such cut is high quality. However, the term is only utilized to mean that there is a leaner and uniform slice used, nothing more, nothing less.

Now the question is this – how about the fattiness and the leanness of the said cut? Isn’t it promising? Generally speaking, there is a variation for this occurrence as well. This may start from the top of it, down to the bottom. This is usually obtained from its front down to its back. Once the belly has been sliced, more variation will be realized between that of the slices.

Who would not want uniform, lean and meat processed slices? This is discriminatory against the less uniform and fattier slices. Pulling off a leaner slice will result to a high protein of Nutrition Facts.

Is it healthier?

It has been said that center-cut is way leaner. It goes with more less fat and more protein. When it comes to the comparison of regular bacon, then the same company should be checked upon.

As for the turkey bacon, comparison of nutrition facts will also be advisable. It is important to take note that turkeys will not have their own belly for slicing. This is true from the bacon. While it is true that turkeys have their own belly, however, getting big slices will not be possible at all. In order for such to taste like bacon, meat processors are being carried out. This would start from the ground up of the turkey. To have ground up dark meat should be layered on the ground up to that of the light meat. This may have the product of a turkey sausage. Consider various layers too.

Does Your Child Have Asthma?

Most parents fear the worst when their child is wheezing and coughing at night. It’s an uneasy feeling to think that a child has trouble with something as basic as breathing. The signs of asthma are often manifested in these symptoms. Now a researcher at Butler University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences advises parents to hold on. Before a parent rushes to an asthma specialist, they might want to have their child examined for other illnesses that produce wheezing.

children-are-higher-risk-asthma-due-their-mothers-air-pollution-exposure.jpg (840×560)

Viral Respiratory Tract Infections and Reactive Airway Disease (RAD)

Wheezing is a high-pitched whistling sound that is produced during exhalation. When a child (or adult) has asthma, it is often heard when there is inflammation or obstruction in the airways. However, wheezing is also a symptom of viral respiratory tract infections and reactive airway disease also known as reactive airway disease (RAD). RAD can be the result of the common cold or influenza. In children up to four years of age, the infection is in the lower respiratory tract (windpipe, airways, and lungs). RAD is the typical diagnosis for children who have asthma-like symptoms but not an infection. When this diagnosis is made, it means that the child is having asthma-like symptoms but is too young to be diagnosed with asthma. Children younger than five are not diagnosed with asthma because they cannot perform the special lung function testing that is used to make a diagnosis. Data suggests that up to half of all children may have at least one episode of wheezing before age three, but only about one-third of those children will definitively develop asthma before the age of six.

Signs of Asthma in Children

Butler University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences suggest to look for the following signs of asthma:

  1. wheezing that doesn’t go away or is recurring, especially if it occurs at least four times a year and/or affected a child’s ability to sleep
  2. frequent coughing (especially at night) or coughing that worsens after physical exercise
  3. a diagnosis of eczema
  4. a parental history of asthma, allergies, or eczema
  5. evidence of hay fever
  6. evidence of allergies to foods

If the child’s asthma symptoms are mild (i.e. only once or twice weekly), an inhaler (albuterol) may be just enough to keep things under control. For children who suffer from more severe symptoms, he/she may need daily anti-inflammatory medication in addition to albuterol treatments to control symptoms. The first step is to speak to a pediatrician about any suspicions of asthma. Working together with a medical professional can offer not only early relief to the child but to the parent as well.

Top 10 Essential Irish Travellers Clothing

Irish culture becomes more fun and interesting when you learn about the typical Irish travelers clothing. One way to appreciate a country’s culture is by learning about the way they dress and why they dress that way. And you get a comprehensive history lesson by learning about traditional Irish clothing. Below are 10 Irish traveling clothing essentials from the past and present:



The traditional shirt worn by both noblemen and peasants alike. The Leine extended to the knees and was narrow at the top while tapering down to the bottom. It was worn by both the men and the women (with women’s leines extending further below the knees). They were usually made from plain linen. Leines of noblemen had elaborate embroidery designs and patterns to connote their superior status.



A piece of material, either rectangular or oval in shape, folded several times, draped over the shoulders and pinned with a brooch. In more ancient times, the brat served only as a shawl or a hood. Later on, the brat became a sort of a cloak to protect Irishmen from the cold weather. The number of colors your brat has signified your status in life. Royalty had seven colors, the Druids six, noblemen four, while freemen could only have a single color scheme for their brats.



Was a coat that covered the leine. The ionar was usually made of a thick garment to provide insulation from the cold. Typical fabrics used were wool or leather. It was also adorned with decorations to make them stand out.



Were clothing for the lower extremity that spanned the abdomen all the way to the feet. These trousers were common in the old days and even had leather trims. The traditional trews were form-fitting. While there were variations that were cut at knee length.

Aran Sweater

Aran Sweater

These sweaters originated in the island of Aran in the 1900s. They’re usually associated with fishermen because these sweaters have water repellent properties. The rich and intricate cabling design is the trademark of the Aran sweater. Many Irishmen still wear these sweaters to this day.

Tara Brooch

Tara Brooch

Considered as the most impressive of all Irish brooches. These brooches usually adorned the brat.

Wool Tweed Driving Cap

Wool Tweed Driving Cap

The driving cap is a staple in every stylish Irishman’s closet. These caps are characterized by the full rear and flat brim. It’s made of wool and come in tweed and herringbone patterns. These caps provide warmth and sophistication at the same time. You can see these caps also being worn in neighboring countries such as England and Scotland.

Brogue Shoes

Brogue Shoes

These shoes have perforations to allow water to drain. The perforations became a necessity in the old days because the freemen from island had to walk through swamps and bogs. Today, the brogue has taken a more modern look. It has also become the footwear of choice for stylish men everywhere.

Linen Driving Cap

Linen Driving Cap

A variation of the wool kind, the linen driving cap is a more affordable option. These caps, mostly in neutral colors, have varied patchwork and patter designs.

Tweed Jackets

Tweed Jackets

This simple and elegant jacket takes a lot of effort to weave. Tweed looms are specially created to create these jackets and can even take months to weave. Tweed jackets are popular in Ireland because of the availability of tweed in the country.

Ready to learn more about Irish traveling clothing? Head on down to an Irish clothing store and see these clothes for yourself.

Skyview Travel Agency Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like travelling and exploring another country? Admittedly, not many people appreciate this sentiment because they think that some places are just not tourist material. But this is not really the case because every place has its own treasure cove of hidden spots that are just waiting to be explored. There are a lot of unique things that you can do and experience in a particular place so if by any chance, you fancy going to a foreign country, then you’d do well to approach Skyview Travel Agency to arrange the trip or you.

Skyview Travel Agency

Why Go For A Travel Agency?

Despite the conveniences of modern technology today, sometimes, enlisting the help of travel agencies can really pay off. Most people are probably organizing their trips by themselves because it is generally less expensive this way. But really, going to professionals for this kind of thing is still the best choice because they know where to go and they can arrange everything beforehand. The only thing you have to do is to pay for those tours and accommodations that they arrange. However, expect that you will be paying extra enlisting the services of travel agencies.

What They Do and Where to Find Them

With regards to your trip, they can practically set up everything for you: from your tickets to flight details, to accommodations in the place and even the transportation. All will be planned out meticulously depending on how you want your vacation to play out. You can rest assured that your travel agency will be there to guide you along.

If you are having some trouble locating some reliable agencies in your area, then you don’t have to fret because all you need is to go and browse though some online travel agencies at your leisure.  This way, you won’t be limited to certain packages because you will have a lot of options to choose from. It will also be easier to coordinate with them even if you are busy because most of the transactions will be done through digital means. Remember that planning your travel is very important if you want to get that full experience so you have to be particular about your travel agency too.

Other Interesting Tours

Whether you are interested in group tours, educational trips or personal travel itineraries, the Skyview Travel Agency will be able to cater to your needs. Everyone wants to have a worry free travel and enlisting the help of a dependable agency will definitely help you achieve this. No matter where you plan to go or how far it is, as long as everything is organized, then the only things that you need to concern yourself with is the unique activities that you can enjoy in another place.

Whether you are flying to a tropical beach in the Pacific, taking a tour through the historical towns of Europe or just plain travelling in the Americas, Skyview Travel will strive to give you the best vacation experience.

Top 10 Travel DVD Player For Kids

Are you thinking of buying a travel DVD for kids? We have the top 10 portable DVD players for kids right here. Buy one of these gadgets and they might just stop asking “are we there yet?” during those long road trips. These portable media players are perfect for children because they’re compact, light enough for them to carry, and can play their favorite DVDs. Just ask them to plug the headphones when they’re using these portable players (unless you plan to sing along the ‘I love You’ song with Barney).

#10 GPX PDL 805


It has a decent screen size of 8.5 inches and shows above average resolution. The GPX PDL 805 supports most CDs and DVDs. It can run Kodak picture CDs in NTSC and PAL. The only downside to this is the weight which can be an issue for the smaller kids (it’s heavy at 6 lbs.), and its inability to play DVD-R and DVD-RW.

#9 Toshiba SD-P71s

Toshiba SD-P71s

This portable DVD player has a decent look and a strong frame—perfect for kids who have the tendencies to drop things. It has a 7-inch screen but still displays decent resolution. Like most players, the screen can’t swivel (which is a disadvantage).

#8 Coby TF-DVD 1023

Coby TF-DVD 1023

This player has a mid-range price but is packed with features. It has a large 10.2 in swivel screen, a remote control, an anti-skip feature and a parental lock. It also has two jacks for headphones so that 2 kids can listen in without sharing headphones.

#7 Panasonic DVD LS83

Panasonic DVD LS83

The screen is okay at 8.5 inches but the battery life on this player is its strong point. It can reach up to 6 hours (if you bring the screen brightness down to the minimum). It’s a good-enough DVD player from a known electronics company.

#6 Sony DVP-FX730

Sony DVP-FX730

This one is small (with the screen only 7 in) but it sports a classy and glossy look. The speakers pack some power and it has a remote control. It also has a car adaptor to power the player during long road trips.

#5 Coby TF-DVD 7377

Coby TF-DVD 7377

This portable DVD player is cheap, costing less than $90. The only drawback is that this player comes with some bulk considering its tiny size. Still is a great investment for your kid if you purchase this portable DVD player for kids.

#4 Panasonic DVD LS86

Panasonic DVD LS86

The DVD LS86 from Panasonic is strong because of its long battery life. The screen is ok at 8.5 inches and supports several media formats. What’s surprising is that it doesn’t have any remote control. And the resolution is only so-so.

#3 Philips PET7402/32

Philips PET7402

This player was built to be used in the car—it comes with screws and brackets for you to install it in your vehicle. Its screen is small at 7 inches but the display is still noteworthy. You should check out the fast-forward speed in this player—it goes as high as 32x.

#2 Sony DVP FX930

The sleek and classy look of this DVD player should give you a clue to its video capabilities. The DVP FX390 has resolutions of 800 x 480. The battery of this gadget is good enough to last 6 hours and the audio quality is also good. Also comes in different colors (talk about stylish).

#1 Toshiba SDP93s

You should be impressed with the 9 inch screen of the Toshiba SDP93s. With the large screen, you should expect high resolutions (up to 800 x 480). And it has an SD card reader so you can plug in watch your media files with this player. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a USB port.

Which DVD player for kids listed here are you interested in?

The Best Flying Experience

Are you dreaming of taking yourself around the world? Do you want to take those offs from work and get yourself with photographs from different places? Well, you are definitely one of those who want to fly their wings and feel the excitement of being a traveler. But travelling is more than just throwing simple things and jump on a plane. You need to know exactly what you need to bring to the skies, and this requires careful consideration.

This blog will give you detailed advices to be one of the future world travelers. Preparation is the key to have a comfortable flying experience. What are these keys? You will definitely love this blog as expert travelers share their travel experiences to help you prepare what you needed before flying.

As you go along this blog, you will surely discover that travelling will be something you will always look forward to.