Turkey Bacon Nutrition Facts – Which is healthier

Who does not like bacon? Who can resist it? The obsession about this is no going near end, this si for sure. Today, bacon can be stumbled upon almost anywhere. While it is true that it may vary in form and wrapping, it is still the same fattening meat that people cannot just get rid of. Gone were the days when it was only a food for breakfast. It was really more than that now. It cannot be denied. If you are one of these individuals who share the same fascination, it would be a good idea for you to learn about various Turkey Bacon nutrition facts.

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There are so many individuals who are wondering about the real difference of a center-cut bacon from that of the other. Prior to munching up, the idea is to make sure that you research about all things bacon. This is vital.

Center cut VS regular bacon – which is which?

Here is thing, according to Dr. Janeal Yancey, center-cut and regular bacon should not be confused for the simple reason that the center-cut is not in any way containing the standards which were set by that of the USDA. Needless to say, these center-cut bellies come with their fatty portions. This starts from the top of it down to the bottom removed. There is a common notion that such cut is high quality. However, the term is only utilized to mean that there is a leaner and uniform slice used, nothing more, nothing less.

Now the question is this – how about the fattiness and the leanness of the said cut? Isn’t it promising? Generally speaking, there is a variation for this occurrence as well. This may start from the top of it, down to the bottom. This is usually obtained from its front down to its back. Once the belly has been sliced, more variation will be realized between that of the slices.

Who would not want uniform, lean and meat processed slices? This is discriminatory against the less uniform and fattier slices. Pulling off a leaner slice will result to a high protein of Nutrition Facts.

Is it healthier?

It has been said that center-cut is way leaner. It goes with more less fat and more protein. When it comes to the comparison of regular bacon, then the same company should be checked upon.

As for the turkey bacon, comparison of nutrition facts will also be advisable. It is important to take note that turkeys will not have their own belly for slicing. This is true from the bacon. While it is true that turkeys have their own belly, however, getting big slices will not be possible at all. In order for such to taste like bacon, meat processors are being carried out. This would start from the ground up of the turkey. To have ground up dark meat should be layered on the ground up to that of the light meat. This may have the product of a turkey sausage. Consider various layers too.